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We are a Civil Engineering Consulting firm that provides specialized services in infra-building. Bridge the gap between imagination and implementation.
Uttam Shekhar, a Masters in Transportation Systems Engineering from IIT Powai (Mumbai), launched SHIVTIRTH CIVIL ENGINEERING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, founded in March 2013 to break the barriers by transforming infrastructure.

Since then, the firm has grown to 82 employees, including 2 Managing Directors, 75 Technical Staff, and 5 Administrative Staff. Our team is known for its enthusiastic and bright attitudes in and out of the office. As a civil engineering firm serving mostly private clients, economy of design is our top priority. Design and construction of several buildings and roads/highways. We have quickly become known for our precise, cost-effective road, highway, metro, and building and surveying solutions.

We consistently complete projects on time and under budget. Clients, other experts, and contractors witness our product-based project execution. Our goal is to use all available problem-solving talents to provide functional, cost-effective, and practical solutions with technical quality. Company directors have years of expertise in planning, designing, and executing road, highway, airport, and metro rail projects.
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Our Expertise

We pride ourselves on a team that is qualified and highly skilled. We keep advancing our knowledge and problem-solving skills with every experience we have. With our advancement and learning new things, we progress with enthusiasm and confidence. Our highly skilled professionals with knowledge of modern tech and software like AutoCAD Civil 3D & MX Road.

When knowledge and experience meet with new technologies. We provide work that shows quality and resembles professionalism.

Team with Advancement

Unity and professionalism are key to our success.

Uttam Shekhar

Managing Director:

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Nitin Khandeka

B.E. Civil

Ajit Patil

B.E. Civil

Managing Director


Akash Yadhav


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Mahesh Patil

BE Civil

Makarand Kalamkar


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Uttam Shekhar


Supriya Patil

B.E. Civil

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Santosh Patil


Varsha Kamble

BE Civil

Sushtan Patil

ME Civil

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Asim Kotal

Mainur Shaik

Aziz Mondal

Amar Mondal