We offer a wide range of services as a civil firm provides. We provide skills that benefit contractors in the private and public sectors.

Our Exceptional Outcome and Performance

SCES provides an unmatched range of services with exceptional quality results. With our experience in private and public sectors, from building infrastructure to creating highways and bridges, Our teams bring quality services to the table.

Planning & Designing

Road & Highway

We specialize in providing technical, economic, and financial feasibility studies with detailed project designs to ensure successful project planning and execution. Our team of experts helps to create durable solutions that meet their needs and goals.

Metro & Rails

Metro and high-speed rails need attention, as it is lifelines for the country. Our commitment to providing quality, safety, and sustainability is evident in every project we undertake.



Topographical surveys provide crucial data for infrastructure projects. Our skilled team gathers accurate information about land features like elevation and slope. This helps us plan and develop projects sustainably. We use advanced equipment to ensure reliable data for our clients.

Land Mapping & Demarcation

Land surveying is essential for gathering and analyzing spatial data for project planning. It allows for the creation of digital maps and spatial data sets, while land surveying involves the measurement and determination of the earth’s surface. With the help of both provide comprehensive data that helps to achieve professional goals.


We prepare the basis for successful projects with our engineering surveys, which use modern technology to collect vital data. By recognising possible issues early on, we save our clients time and money while ensuring a smooth project execution.


Whether for residential constructions, commercial buildings, or transportation projects, our accurate contour surveys help to make wise choices, ensuring that every project is based on a solid foundation of environmental understanding.


Using Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS), SCES provides high-precision position data that is essential for a wide variety of civil engineering projects. This data is important for planning and designing.

Building Construction Stakeout

This survey records the exact location of site improvements and structures instantly on the ground, ensuring that construction follows specifications, reducing risks and encouraging regulatory compliance.

Supplying Experienced Surveyors & Survey Equipment

We provide highly trained surveyors and advanced survey equipment. Whether you require temporary support for a single project or long-term surveying expertise, we provide your projects with the best in the industry.

Project Management

From beginning to completion, our project management service is designed to keep your projects on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Our experienced project managers utilise their significant experience and the most recent project management tools to handle difficulties, coordinate teams, and develop great results. Our dedication lies in turning your idea into a reality and ensuring every project reaches its objectives productively and efficiently.